Finally! A proven way to get your little one to actually…

➡️ chop the vegetables instead of throwing them like confetti all over the kitchen

➡️ mix and measure the ingredients instead of shaking the spices like maracas until they’re all completely empty and mixed together

➡️ crack the eggs into a bowl instead of rolling them off the table and watching them splat on the floor

Hi I’m Caroline

photo of Caroline

and I want to give you the tools you need to cook with your little one without the chaos!

Now I bet you’re wondering…

“How on earth do you get your little ones actually helping in the kitchen instead of destroying it????”

Well it took me a little while to learn this but once I did it changed my experience of cooking with little ones FOREVER!

So what is this secret ingredient for making cooking with little ones easy exactly?

Turns out it’s pretty simple:

To keep your little one out of trouble while cooking → give them something to do!

That’s right…


Why? Because then your little one is too busy actually practicing, learning and helping you do the cooking tasks… that they don’t have time to look for trouble


The benefits to giving your little one hands on cooking tasks not only stops the chaos, but it also helps them practice and learn all of these important life skills too!

  • cooking techniques
  • cooking terms
  • vocabulary
  • speech
  • descriptive words
  • word recognition
  • image recognition
  • numbers recognition
  • sense of time

  • measurement
  • gross motor skills
  • fine motor skills
  • sensory skills
  • following directions
  • patience
  • teamwork
  • leadership
  • and so so so much more

Now that you know this you might be thinking…

“This is great! All I have to do is give my little one hands on tasks and cooking with my kids will be fun instead of a nightmare. But wait! How do I do that? How do I give my little one hands on cooking tasks???

Don’t worry… I’ve got ya 😉

Picturized Recipes are the perfect hands on tool to keep your little one cooking and out of trouble!

They’ll be so busy “reading” the recipe and focusing on what to do next, they won’t even have the chance to even think about getting into trouble

Just hand them the recipe and they’ll get straight to work “reading” it and telling you what to do!

Try one for FREE to see what I mean

So… now that you know that giving littles hands on cooking tools is the most effective way to calm kitchen chaos…

AND that

Picturized Recipes are the BEST way to get started…

You can have FUN cooking with your little one and rest easy knowing that the days of frustration and chaotic kitchens are gone forever!!!

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