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If you are looking to make a deeper connection with your little one, while teaching life long skills and creating memories that you will never forget… Then you really need to try Picturized Recipes!

Picturized Recipes will inspire a love and passion for cooking in even the most littlest chefs.

Though it may be a messy task, teaching littles how to cook can have several life long benefits that are absolutely worth the mess.

Some of the various skills you are teaching your little chef when you use Picturized Recipes are:

  • cooking techniques
  • cooking terms
  • vocabulary
  • speech
  • descriptive words
  • word recognition
  • image recognition
  • numbers recognition
  • sense of time

  • measurement
  • gross motor skills
  • fine motor skills
  • sensory skills
  • following directions
  • patience
  • teamwork
  • leadership
  • and so so so much more

Picturized Recipes not only create an opportunity to teach all of these skills, but does so in an exciting and enjoyable way!

Trust me, I used to believe that cooking with littles was chaotic, time consuming and SUPER messy too…

But I also knew all benefits that my two little ones would be getting out of it and that outweighed all of my feelings of it being too hard.

killian and aoife making lasagne

So I continued to try different strategies and tools to make it an easier, engaging, and fun experience for both of them and me…

That’s how Picturized Recipes came to be

My kids LOVE the Picturized Recipes I create, and seeing how well they respond to them, I know that other littles would LOVE them too!

So that’s why I decided to share them with all the other parents who want to teach their little ones how to cook struggle free.

Picturized Recipes are easy to use, see, and understand. Using them can turn what you might think is an overwhelming experience into a fun, educational, and delicious activity that you and your toddler will both love!

The ultimate goal of Picturized Recipes is to help make learning to cook with your toddlers as EASY and FUN as possible!!!

Now what are you waiting for?

Your lifelong memories of learning and cooking with your kids are waiting for you in the kitchen!


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